Move Into Light


The Yoga Sutras, written by Patanjali, open with, “Now, the practice of yoga.”  Yoga is always in the present moment, always in the now, always available.  We always have a moment-to-moment choice where and how we place our attention to cultivate either happiness or suffering.  With presence, discernment and sweetness, we skillfully work with our experiences in any given moment, an ability that we strengthen through practice on our yoga mats and meditation cushions.  Even if we cannot touch our toes or cannot get out of our chairs without difficulty, the practice of yoga is available in this moment and all moments.  

Yoga asana is the practice of postures and movements supported and deepened by synchronicity with breath, which makes it diversely accessible.  My hope is that I may uphold this true essence of yoga.   I enjoy and have experience working with practitioners ranging from four years old to the elderly, from young adult athletes to those with injuries and disabilities, from practitioners interested solely in the health benefits of yoga to spiritual seekers.  May your journey be filled with a light heart, calm breath, and a kind mind.


~Om Shanti Shanti Shanti~