Biography of a Yogini

The seeds of introduction and interest in yoga began in  high school, but Rebecca didn't catch the fever until college.  One of her honors professors invited his yoga teacher to teach her class a vinyasa flow, yoga nidra blend class.  The teacher, Natalie Buchi Voros, was a gently passionate, natural, and composed teacher with an evident sweetness and caring quality that shined.  She provided an example of what it really meant to be a yogi, inspiring Rebecca to harness that same positive state of being. Natalie delivered instruction that directed Rebecca's attention into deep concentration and softness, so the meditative, healing aspects of yoga emerged.  Rebecca's mind stayed with Natalie's words the entire practice of yoga nidra, and Rebecca emerged from class feeling the utmost bliss she could remember, as if she was no longer walking, but just gliding across the ground.  This feeling lasted for the rest of the day, and the very next day Rebecca began to practice every day.  This story might seem superlative, but yoga is simply that potent, and too good to not share.

Less than a year later, Rebecca transferred to Naropa University to study Yoga within the respective Traditional Eastern Arts and Religious Studies programs, and Contemplative Psychology.  She combined the two programs within her Interdisciplinary Studies degree.  Her coursework in Yoga Studies over 2 years of 30+ credits included courses like: Yoga Foundations (Theory, Anatomy, Pranayama), Psychology of the Yoga; Integral Practice (Yoga through Ayurveda, 5 Koshas & 3 Gunas, etc); Yoga History, Theory & Philosophy; Hindu-Tantra Yoga; Yoga Meditation Practicum.  Her senior thesis began addressing PTSD through evidence-based yogic practices, using the chakra system as the philosophic and organizing basis.  Not only was Rebecca studying yoga on an intellectual level, but she was able to integrate all aspects of the practice into her daily life for those two years through her coursework.  Perhaps the most amazing part of this education is that Rebecca was taught by Professors of Yoga who had either come from India or lived there close to 10 years, absorbing the practice from its roots upward: Sridevi Bringi and Nataraja Kallio.

Rebecca went on to receive her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification through The Shambhava School of Yoga during which program she lived a traditional yogic lifestyle at Shoshoni Ashram.  Since then, she has studied Inner Yoga™ with Dina Amsterdam, Principle Based Partner Yoga™ with Elysabeth Williamson, Prenatal Yoga at the Stress Management Center of Marin, Warriors at Ease™, YogaEd, and iRest® Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller.  Most recently, she received her 500Hr Yoga Alliance Certification through the Sivananda School of Yoga. Rebecca has trained under teachers for close to 1,500 hours, and is an E-RYT, having over 4,000 hours of teaching experience. 


I try to think back and remember the days before we had weekly yoga classes here at Yesware, yet it still remains a distant and foggy memory. I think it’s because everything has just gotten a little bit brighter and better in our world, since the day Rebecca Mayne came into our lives, here at the San Francisco Office.
Our office has always been one that has valued mindful awareness, and strives to keep a healthy work life and personal life balance. Yet, finding a space where employees could come together and practice this in a tangible way seemed to be a challenge. Rebecca helped to create a custom program that was perfect for our office, and it has truly made a difference for all the employees who have participated.
I don’t think we quite realized what an asset we were embarking on when first partnering with Rebecca . Sure her years of experience and long list of recommendations assured us she would be fantastic at her craft- but it was the way that she came alongside our office and really helped to meet the needs of the individuals present, that completely blew us away!
Here at Yesware, we are proud to call Rebecca our yoga instructor, and would absolutely recommend her in any environment – whether it be an office space, gym, or the outdoors. We are 100% confident that Rebecca will help to transform not just the environment you find yourself in, but help you to become healthy from the inside out! - The Yesware SF Team